About Docere Integrated Medicine

Integrative Medicine located in Auburn, WA

Docere Integrated Medicine in Auburn, Washington, prides itself on its innovative and integrative approach to health care, encompassing traditional and holistic practices and treatments to provide its patients with excellent care. Led by Dr. Tamoro McDonald, ND, she and the rest of the team value their patients’ time and specific needs. 

People should never feel rushed during a visit with their health care provider. At Docere Integrated Medicine, patients receive ample time to discuss their concerns and ask questions at every visit.  

A personalized experience is critical in providing world-class health care. The caring professionals at Docere Integrated Medicine provide patients with an actionable plan based on their unique symptoms and concerns. Patients can take comfort knowing the team is with them every step of the way, and they can interact directly with their providers. 

The practice offers an array of services to support patient health. The office uses top-of-the-line technology for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies and Emsculpt NEO® treatments to aid in wound recovery and body sculpting, respectively. Docere Integrated Medicine also offers acupuncture and other East Asian medicine treatments, as well as Chiropractic, staying true to the practice’s integrated approach.

Docere Integrated Medicine takes a unique approach to healthcare, offering an innovative direct primary care solution. This program features membership-based medicine where the patient pays a low monthly fee for unrestricted access to the health care providers and primary care services. Everyone is eligible for this program, and it is easy to enroll. 

Health care has never been so convenient. Call the Auburn, Washington, office of Docere Integrated Medicine to book a free 30-minute consultation, or make a request using the online portal.