About Kat Adderson, Operations Mgr

Operations Manager in Auburn, WA

Kathi Adderson
About Kat Adderson, Operations Mgr
Kat is our Operations Manager and keeps things running smoothly! Born and raised in Oregon, she also lived in the Bay Area of California before moving to Washington with her family in 1983. She’s a graduate of Kentwood High School and went on to work for the Kent School District for many years as a high school bookkeeper and student body advisor. An expert in her field, with a deep understanding of Washington laws surrounding student body funds, she was instrumental in creating new processes and helped to implement new technology to streamline the payment system in the district. However, the best part of the job was the students. She enjoyed working with the student government, helping them plan their events and think outside the box to help others.   
A close friend of the clinic owners, Tam and Shane, she assisted with setting up the business side of things as they were starting to fulfill their dream. The passion and dedication that have been put into the creation of Docere is easy to see as a friend and patient. After over 20 years working in public education, Kathi decided it was time for a change and wanted to work for Docere full time. She loves working with the amazing team and wonderful patients that we have at Docere.    
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