About Dr. Tuiasosopo

in Auburn, WA

Theresa Tuiasosopo
About Dr. Tuiasosopo
Dr. Tuiasosopo is also a graduate of Bastyr University – where she also attained her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. Before becoming a physician, she worked as a licensed massage therapist at Docere. 
During her time in school, she was struggling with hormone balance but with some simple dietary, exercise, and supplemental changes; she was able to conceive after graduating and had a baby girl in August of 2021. This was how she developed her passion for women’s health, sex education, and fertility. She feels there is an importance in educating patients about their health and how to live for a better quality of life. 
Dr. T believes that as doctors, we educate the patient on what they need and to assist them on their health journey instead of singularly building a road to healthcare that patients cannot understand on their own.
When she is not busy at the clinic, she often enjoys time at home with her family and catching up with friends. She also loves to travel, cook, and work out.
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