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Sports Therapy

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It should come as no surprise that athletes are at a greater risk for potential injury. The dedicated team at Docere Integrated Medicine, located in Auburn, Washington, ensure your injury is dealt with swiftly. Sports therapy and rehabilitation is a crucial step in the recovery process. Call the caring experts at Docere Integrated Medicine today or schedule an appointment online through the portal.

What is sports therapy?

Sports therapy is a medical specialty for rehabilitation and recovery after a sport-related injury. With athletic performance and exercise comes the risk of acute and chronic injury. The benefits of physical activity are important, but it’s important to remember that this puts strain on the body.

Sports therapy is a defined scope of practice that uses exercise science to support your health and aid in the recovery process. Optimal sports therapy treatment allows you to heal completely and return to your top athletic performance. 

Your sports therapist uses a variety of treatments to promote your health. Additionally, sports therapy re-trains you to ensure peak performance. At Docere Integrated Medicine, neuromuscular coordination, flexibility, and respiratory health are all considered in your training regimen. 

What are sports therapy treatments?

Treatments for sports therapy revolve around facilitating your movement, control, and flexibility. As such, manual therapy, Hyperbarics, acupuncture, Prolotherapy, PRP injections, and functional retraining are common ways that consider these factors. What’s more, strength and endurance training further help to recover and retrain your muscles in the later stages of the rehabilitation process.

What are common injuries treated with sports therapy? 

There is no limit to the specific injury that may occur during an exercise or athletic performance. You should seek immediate medical attention if you become injured while playing a sport. Some of the more common sports-related injuries include:

  • Shin pain
  • Strains/Sprains
  • Damaged muscles
  • Rotator cuff damage
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Recovery from any surgery

Sometimes injury occurs simply because of an accident. Other times, a sport-related injury can result from improper stretching, poor technique, lack of protective gear, or overexertion. You must seek immediate treatment for any injury to prevent more damage and ensure a swift recovery.

Is sports therapy the same as physical therapy?

Although they may share some similarities, sports therapy differs from physical therapy. Both forms of therapy focus on rehabilitation after an injury occurs. Sports therapy uses exercise principles to prevent future injury and to better your performance. You can think of sports therapy as a more specialized subcategory of physical therapy, where your provider tailors the modes of treatment for high-impact activity.

To learn more about your sports therapy options, call the knowledgeable team at Docere Integrated Medicine or schedule an appointment through the online portal today.